HyperFortress IoT: The Industry’s first  Zero Trust Platform to run, manage, and protect all IoT devices by bringing Invisibility to your Network.

HyperFortress IoT +

Made in the USA

Overview: HyperFortress IoT  is a is a SCIF Class 2 (stands for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility for national security and defense systems) rated cybersecurity platform for bringing invisibility to your security and or enterprise data network. This is a disruptive advancement in technological achievement to solve the IoT vulnerabilities we hear about daily. Networks were designed originally to be managed, not secured. This solves that problem.

HyperFortess IoT employs blockchain technology with a patented implementation and changing keys vs conventional encryption and use with VLANS, without changing existing infrastructure. HyperFortress by GDS eliminates (OT) Operational Technologies from the attack surface to reduce risk and costs without compromising performance. Our goal is to insulate from internet exposure while providing you with centralized management at a 20 to 40% cost savings typically.

  • Only product to pass the National Cyber Range 100% unhackable to both OT ands IT from crossover and outside breaches.
    • By 2025 the total global worth of IoT technology could be as much as USD 6.2 trillion(Strategies Analytics M2M Strategies Advisory Service) – mostly from devices in health care (2.5 trillion) and manufacturing (2.3 trillion). This is a new challenge that this platform meets.
  • IoT devices provide more attack vectors into a network and a potential platform for massive distributed attacks.
    • Reactive firewall updates happen on a rolling 3 minute schedule
  • Implementation of HyperFortress IoT takes days typically rather than a complete rebuild and without the associated hardware, installation and training expenses, plus without a relatively large operational downtime.
    • Our solution isolates, contains, and protects all OT regardless of manufacturer, age, operating system or protocal.
    • Compliant to National Institute of Standards, and is the only enterprise system developed to protect all devices and systems. Been in use for nearly 20 years without breakdown or compromise.

Implementation Options
HyperFortress IoT  is setup to bring invisibility to your security and enterprise networks.

  • Our platform cannot be hacked if you can’t see it.
    • This solution was the only platform that passed a well known national test in cybersecurity.
  • We implement patented blockchain technology to create a Class 2 Scif connection.
  • We create segments in a network and everything connected becomes undetectable.

There are significant cost savings over conventional cybersecurity.

Made in the USA

  • HyperFortress IoT is based in the USA. All engineering, all offices, and all personnel are US Citizens.


HyperFortress IoT is currently a patented solution that is SCIF Class 2 and is now available on GSA Advantage.

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